My Journey of Work

Valley of the Sun AEYC


Past active board member, committee work and social media communications content contributor. Board volunteer work included the planning and implementation of various VSAEYC related events and connecting with early childhood providers for the past 15 years. 

Unlimited Potential & Phoenix Day Child Development Center


Provide as needed contracted training and coaching services in Spanish or English for local non-profit agencies Unlimited Potential and Phoenix Day Child Development Center focusing on classroom environment transformations and Social and Emotional Development strategies.  

DES Child Care Professional Trainings


Provided over 15 years of contracted training services as a CCPT facilitator contracted thru the Association for Supportive Child Care Ninos en Mi Casa program. The program served providers in the process of becoming DES certified or seeking additional professional development training hours in various topics in Spanish or English. 

Social Media Marketing


Experience in Digital Marketing thru use of a variety of social media platforms for local education-based agencies and small businesses/startups in Arizona. This includes a long-time partnership with the local NAEYC affiliate, Valley of the Sun AEYC and local early childhood company, Alesi Group, LLC. 

Alesi Group


Alesi Group, LLC specializes in brain-based training, coaching and consultation.Their expertise aligns with current research in early childhood education and adult learning.  

The Kindergarten-Experience


The Kindergarten Experience was a grant supported initiative to increase both the awareness and implementation of evidence-based practices in kindergarten classrooms across Arizona. A sub-contract for me until the grant year cycle ended in January of 2019 and services were completed and taken over by the Arizona Department of Education. 

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Volunteer Collaborative Work


Mesa Public Schools

As if I don't have enough to do, I'm also thankful to have been asked to help the K-1 team make literacy and Kindergarten classroom enhancements to further support their school initiatives. As a MPS Community Volunteer, I regularly provide resources, feedback, attend and present at parent meetings, consult and provide Kindergarten classroom redesign support at Guerrero Elementary School in Mesa. Supporting my local neighborhood school is something I am very passionate about and I could not pass up the opportunity to connect with these families and further support these teachers on a volunteer basis.