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The Early Childhood Journeys Podcast


The Early Childhood Journeys Podcast, where I highlight the journeys behind early childhood educators and/or community advocates through interviews and discussions including conversations on best practices in the early childhood field, sprinkled in with some community resources too! 

Based out of Arizona, the podcast is the only local podcast show where Early Childhood teachers, educators and other advocates of young children are being highlighted to share their journey in the profession while also discussing early education topics through candid stories about their practice. 

Recently highlighted at the 2018 First Things First Early Childhood Summit Conference as I also received a Champion for Young Children Award recognizing my work with the podcast and Early Education. 

A practical listen and brain nugget for the Early Childhood educator, child advocate and community alike. 


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*Disclaimer: Guests featured on the podcast or topics discussed are not endorsements or recommendations unless otherwise noted. 

Featured Podcast Show Notes

Episode 51: Certified Conscious Discipline Instructor, Diana Brown

Episode 51 of the podcast with host Marissa Calderón and guest, Diana Brown Certified Instructor from Conscious Discipline. Diana shares a bit of her background as a classroom teacher and how she began to train for Dr. Becky Baileys, Conscious Discipline philosophy. Conscious Discipline is a "Transformational Social-Emotional Learning and Classroom Management" system. Many tips and strategies are also shared that easily supplement any current boxed behavioral management curriculum used by school districts or education programs.

Connect with Diana Brown at:

Learn more about Conscious Discipline here.


More Recent Shows

Episode 50

Executive Director of the AZ Educational Foundation, Kim Graham

Episode 50 marks a milestone of the podcast! Join host, Marissa chat with the Executive Director of the Arizona Educational Foundation, Kim Graham. Kim shares all of the resources and mentorship programs and initiatives available for incoming teachers and seasoned educators overall. AEF believes that "amazing things happen in schools every day.

Their mission is to identify, support and celebrate excellence in Pre-K-12th grade Arizona public education through business and community partnerships."

To learn more about the AZ Educational Foundation and to contact Kim Graham, connect with them here.

Episode 49

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, Kathy Hoffman

Episode 49 is with the newly elected Superintendent of Arizona's Department of Education, Kathy Hoffman. With her historic electoral win, Marissa and Kathy discuss some of the past campaign rhetoric and the current legislative progress for education she's helped with. We get some additional information on the current education policy focus and what we may expect in the coming year. Superintendent Hoffman's personal background is also inspiring. Did you know Kathy's first job out of college was working for a preschool program? Get ready to learn more about this trilingual Speech Pathologist turned policy pusher and advocate for Arizona's children in this episode. Parents and teachers can begin to breathe a sigh of relief hearing how much her leadership is pushing for more evidenced-based progressive policies for Arizona's classrooms.

To stay connected to the AZ Superintendent and her initiatives, please follow her on her official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Learn more about the Arizona Department of ED here.

Episode 48

Senior Program Manager for United Way

Denisse Hernandez de Ortiz

Episode 48, host Marissa Calderón chats with Denisse Hernandez de Ortiz, Senior Program Manager for United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona. United Way of Tucson has an array of services including an Early Childhood Component and grant initiatives for the region. Denisse is not only a parent of a Kindergartner but her background in supporting early childhood practitioners and parents provides listeners some insights on these types of roles in the community and their significance. Take a listen to this conversation on how educators such as Denisse are impacting and partnering with their communities.

Connect with United Way of Tucson and Southern AZ here.

Learn more about the Great Expectations program at:

Email Denisse Hernandez de Ortiz here.

Episode 47

Kindergarten Readiness Tips with Julie Decuir

Episode 47 is the first of a series of Kindergarten Readiness Tips and Insight episodes! Joined by Sierra Vista Unified School District in Arizona, Kindergarten Teacher, Julie Decuir. Podcast host, Marissa and Julie chat about the true skills future kindergartners need vs what some parents may think their child needs to master for school. Julie has been a Kindergarten teacher for 17 years and she shares her tips and insights for parents during this busy time of year of kindergarten registration.

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