The Kindergarten Journey


Resources for the Kindergarten Educator

I hope Kindergarten Educators and Teachers find this page helpful. I've tried to gather the resources and information that were created under my contract grant work called, The Kindergarten Experience as I'm often asked for them. This was a grant-funded initiative in Arizona in collaboration with the Arizona Department of Education, funded by Virginia G. Piper. 

As it sometimes happens, once grants end, the resources and information do not always make it to the teacher anymore. All the information belongs to the public and you can find some of it in the links below. 

In the spirit of support or this special classroom teacher, I've gathered some Kindergarten specific items to continue to support this very special year in a child's academic life. 


Check out these videos on Kindergarten Classroom Flips completed as part of the contract work I did for Kindergarten Teachers. 


My Pinterest page is a great way to access some of the articles, research, images and handouts that were created to support the Kindergarten teacher. 


I have some Google Docs on a variety of Kindergarten or classroom specific resources and some are also available in Spanish! 


My Early Childhood Journeys Podcast has has several kindergarten specific audio episodes you can listen to. Click the menu bar above to access the podcast page. 

Need more support? Join our Facebook Kindergarten Fan Group!

Kindergarten teachers can join our Facebook Fan Group to further find support, encouragement and resources that are specific to the kindergarten year. Many of the participants are teachers familiar with the past grant work and we've maintained connected and ever so united to support the kindergarten child.

Join the group via link. 


The First 40 Days of Kindergarten: Preparing your classroom. 


Setting up Kindergarten Provocations


ELL Kindergarten Classroom Redesign aka Classroom Flip


Kindergarten Block Area